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Relax and refuel with delicious food and drink at Ports of Call Restaurant & Bar in Annapolis, MD. Located inside the DoubleTree hotel and open for breakfast and dinner, our menus infuse classic American dishes with a taste of Maryland. We pride ourselves on providing a refreshing dining experience and quality service to everyone. We look forward to your visit and smooth sailing.

Our Menu

Our chef is always cooking up new dishes, check what’s on the menu today!

Featured Dish

Cream of Crab Soup

Try Chef Charles McKnew’s award winning Cream of Crab soup.

This restaurant is a MUST GO! I have been here several times and will continue to go back! I am a Salmon fanatic and they have some great salmon. The Chef cooks it to perfection. Just the way I ask, everytime I go. There crab dip is very delicious as well. What is awesome is that when I went for lunch one time, they weren't serving their salmon. So I got bummed out and the chef came out and made the salmon dizh just for me during lunch hours even though they didnt serve it at that time. That was very sweet of him. Aside from the food which is great! There customer service and servers are spectacular!
Fatima T.